Bộ điều khiển báo cháy trung tâm BOSCH FPD-7024


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Bộ điều khiển báo cháy trung tâm BOSCH FPD-7024

       Tủ điều khiển báo cháy 4 vùng, có thể mở rộng lên 8 vùng. Mỗi vùng có thể sử dụng đến 20 đầu dò.

       Tương thích với các đầu dò 2 dây.

       Có thể cài đặt, lập trình thông qua giao diện phía trước hoặc bàn phím FMR-7033 hoặc lập trình từ xa với phần mềm RPS và giao tiếp nối tiếp DX4010V2.

       Có thể mở rộng lập trình hay xem báo cáo từ xa với các card giao tiếp mạng IP Ethernet (DX4020, ITS-DX4020-G, B420, B426 hoặc B450/B44x).

       02 mạch thiết bị thông báo NAC.

       Sản phẩm đạt các Chứng nhận của Mỹ: UL, FM, CSFM, FCC, FDNY-CoA.


FPD‑7024 Fire Alarm Control Panels

       The FPD7024 Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACPs) can be used in commercial and public building applications such as schools, universities, manufacturing plants, and health care facilities. They are listed by UL for central station, local, auxiliary, and remote station systems.

       The FPD7024 FACPs support four onboard initiating zones that can be expanded to eight using the FPC-7034. Each initiating zone supports twowire and fourwire detectors configurable as Class A , Style D or Class B, Style B loops. Each zone can support up to 20 twowire detectors, or any number of fourwire detectors depending on available power. Each FACP has a builtin digital fire alarm communicator transmitter (DACT).

       Enhance the FPD7024 conventional system features by adding a D7039 Multiplex Expansion Module.

       Adding a D7039 Multiplex Expansion Module to the FPD7024 turns the conventional FACP into an addressable FACP. The D7039 adds up to 247 addressable points to the base system and adds an additional 400 events to the history buffer for a total of 499 events. The D7039 also increases the number of programmable relay outputs from 19 to 59 and expands system users to 100.

       Four initiating zones (expandable to eight); up to 20 two‑wire smoke detectors per zone

       Programmable through front panel interface, remote FMR‑7033 Liquid‑crystal Display (LCD) keypads, or remote programming software (RPS) through a DX4010V2 serial interface

       Expandable for programming or reporting with Ethernet or cellular IP connectors (DX4020, ITS-DX4020-G, B420, B426, or B450/B44x)

       Two notification appliance circuits (NACs) on board with a shared internal regulated 24 VFWR, 4 A NAC power supply

       Easily converts to addressable with the addition of a D7039 Multiplex Expansion Module



Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs)

Two Class A, Style Z or Class B, Style Y NACs provide up to 4 A of regulated 24 VFWR power to operate horns, strobes, bells, and other notification appliances. Each NAC can be programmed to provide Temporal Code 3, California March, steady, pulsed, and synchronized output for Wheelock, Gentex, or System Sensor notification appliances.


User Interface

A viewing port in the locked control panel enclosure door shows the system status lightemitting diodes (LEDs) and liquidcrystal display (LCD) while maintaining system keypad security. Unlocking the enclosure door provides access to the system controls for silencing offnormal conditions, zone bypassing, detector resetting, testing, other fire functions, and programming. These functions are also available on all FMR7033 LCD Keypads connected to the system.


Organized Event Display

Sorts alarm, trouble, and supervisory events into categories and allows scrolling through specific



History Buffer

The system stores events in a 99event history buffer (The number of events that can be stored in the history buffer increases to 499 with the addition of a D7039 Multiplex Expansion Module.)


Central Station Reporting

The FPD-7024 FACPs send reports to two telephone numbers (or IP addresses with a DX4020/B420/B426 Network Interface Module installed) with full single, double, and backup reporting. The panel supports communication in BFSK, SIA, Contact ID, Modem IIIa2, and 4/2 or 3/1 Tone Bursts.


Dirty Smoke Detector Monitoring

All onboard zones and FPC7034 zones are continuously monitored for smoke detectors signaling a dirty condition using the Bosch Chamber Check feature and CleanMe protocol. If a detector’s smoke chamber is dirty, the detector sends a CleanMe signal on the twowire loop or a dirty detector signal on the addressable loop. The control panel annunciates that there is a dirty detector on the loop or the address. The Chamber Check feature signals a dirty smoke chamber using the LED on the detector head.



Current (alarm)

380 mA

Current (standby)

200 mA

Power (primary)

120 VAC , 1.2 A maximum, 60 Hz or240 VAC , 0.75 A maximum, 50 Hz


Indoor, dry

Relative Humidity

Up to 95%, non-condensing

Temperature (operating)

+32°F (0°C) to +120°F ( +49°C)



Dimensions (HxWxD)

20.8 in. x 15 in. x 4.3 in. (52.8 cm x 38.1 cm x 10.9 cm)


Cold-rolled steelBase: 18 gauge (1.2 mm)Cover: 19 gauge (1.1 mm)


44 mA maximum per loop

Line resistance

150 Ω


24 VDC nominal


24 VDC nominal, 4 A maximum

On-board Relays

Three Form C contacts rated at 5 A, 28 VDC

Off-board Relays

Up to two D7035 Octal Relay Modules with each providing eight Form C relay outputs; contacts rated at 5 A, 28 VDC In an addressable system, up to 20 D7053 Multiplex Input-Output Modules are allowed per bus for a total of 40

       Bảo hành: 12 tháng.

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