Bộ test cáp mạng Dintek-UTP cable Twin tester

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Bộ test cáp mạng Dintek-UTP cable Twin

The DINTEK twin tester provides instant identification of most common voice and
data cabling problems

including shorts, opens, reversals, and incorrect polarity.

The master and remote units separate for end-to-end testing of installed cabling
or work sparatelly as 2

patch cord test unit. Both pieces simply snap and lock together when not in use,
making it easy to carry

and store.Designed to fit neatly into a toolbox or pocket, the UTP tester has a
convenient ‘ring’ feature for

attaching to a belt of frame. The UTP tester should be used to check each
channel from the station device

to the system.

  • Innovative 2-in-1 design features
    modular jacks for testing USOC and 568A/B cabling systems

  • Accurately verifies the continuity
    and sequence of 1-,2-,3-, and 4-pair voice and data channels

  • Continuously-sequencing LED display
    provides a diagnostic readout that immediately detects shorts, opens,
    reversals, and mis-wires at a glance

  • Simply snap and lock master and
    remote units together when not in use

  • Ergonomically designed hand-held
    unit is light weight, rugged, and impact-resistant

  • 9 volt alkaline battery excluded

  • Carry case included


Technical specification:

  • Materials: ABS

  • Distance: 1,000m (3,280ft)

  • Power requirements: 9 volt
    battery(standard or alkaline)

  • Weight: 240g (9 oz.)

  • Built-in interface: USOC,EIA 568B

  • Contact specification: 30 u” gold
    over nickel

Sản xuất tại Taiwan.

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